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Group Profile

Group Profile

Enolgas Group manufactures valves and actuators from the raw material to the finished product. We have forging, machining and assembling, testing and packaging capabilities. Enolgas Group offers a comprehensive range of valves in brass, stainless steel and carbon steel for residential, commercial and industrial uses, for waters, oils, liquids fuels and gaseous fuels. Such a vast range enables the company to provide a complete service to its customers, who can rely on a single reliable vendor for their needs.

The Enolgas Group of companies consists of:

• Bongas Deutschland GmbH

Bongas Deutschland GmbH is a trading company established in 2001 and based in Oberkirch. It is one of the largest suppliers in the field of valves and fittings for heat and water technology in Germany. It has its own CNC-machines to produce stainless steel fittings and customized solutions.

• Bongas Brasil Ltda.

Bongas Brasil Ltda. is a trading company established in 2002 and based in São Paulo, Brazil.
BONGAS AUTOMATION is a division of the company specialized in process automation born in 2012 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the BONGAS BRASIL. They are specialized and dedicated to the automation process, test benches and testing, flow measurement instruments and mounting of actuators. An experience of over 8 years in the flow process, BONGAS AUTOMATION offers know- how, suitable products for an increasingly demanding market.
Reversing the equation, “technology = high price”, BONGAS AUTOMATION together with its customers, develops automated processes and systems, compatible with the budget of every company costs.
• Enolgas USA Inc.

See our Company Profile.

• Enolgas Bonomi SpA

Enolgas Bonomi SpA was founded in Cencesio (BS) in 1960 and is today the headquarters of the Group.
it manufactures the entire products range of Enolgas brand, i.e. manually operated brass valves, actuators, actuated valves, industrial stainless steel valves and automation integrated systems, from raw material to finished products.
Today Enolgas is a hallmark of the decades of experience that encompasses Enolgas Bonomi, a leader in the field of valves and home automation systems.
A family business, specialized in the production of brass ball valves and actuators, Enolgas Bonomi is now a group with a diverse range of products and a strong presence in international markets.
A structured company able to respond to the demands of its customer with flexibility and enthusiasm, without compromising on quality. In fact Enolgas Bonomi has been ISO 9001 certified since 1991.
The result? Production full of innovative solutions and always in line with international standards.

• EnolgasItech Srl

EnolgasItech Srl is specialized in the production of rack cabinets and metal structures. It is the new partner that has given renewed driving force and opened new scenarios, thus allowing the group to diversify its business thanks to the rack cabinets, but also to distinguish itself from competitors with the expansion of a wide range of products in sheet steel aimed at the plumbing and hvac industries.
The company is currently spread over a production area of approx. 34500 sq ft and boasts machinery, which allows to work with unattended 24 hours cycle in all machining phases, thanks to the possibility of automatic loading and unloading operations. A new painting plant meets the strictest standards with maximum respect for the environment that surrounds us. That is not all; the entire sheet machining waste is recovered and recycled without dispersion and without impact on the environment.