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Enolgas USA FAQ


Q: What Enolgas mean?
Enolgas is a word assembled from “Enol” + “Gas” = Enolgas. Enol is a short form from Enology, the science and study of all aspects of wine and wine making except vine growing and grape harvesting, which form a subfield called viticulture.
The word Oenology is derived from the ancient Greek word oinos, "wine" and the suffix -logia, "study of".
Enolgas mean the industries of which Enolgas Bonomi Spa’s products are manufacture since the company established. Therefore, since 1970, the company start to manufacture products for different applications and industries, despite the name remain the same, due to its recognition, means of quality at competitive price and our brand is appreciate worldwide.
Q: Where Enolgas USA come from?
A: Please have a look at the Group History, Group Profile and Company Profile webpage.
Q: What Enolgas USA Inc. does for living? 
A: Enolgas USA mainly import products from Enolgas Bonomi Spa in Italy and distribute them in the North American territory. We provide specific R&D and logistic services for business development purpose that bring mutual benefits. From 2014 Enolgas USA is active seeking business partner to enhance our product range and foster the distribution in North America.
Q: Why Enolgas USA Inc. does this?
A: Enolgas Group from early 2000 understood the need to be closer to people, in locations far away from Italy. The branches in USA, Germany, and Brazil help to tailor design and develop products purpose made for the country needs and standards. This also allow overcome the time zone change and can bring tremendous advantage on logistic service. We strongly want bring more benefits to our accounts.
Q: Where Enolgas USA actively work?
A: In North & Central America.
Q: What are the products that Enolgas USA provide to the industry?
A: Actuators, valves, regulators, components and controls for HVAC, Industrial, Liquid Fuels, Air, Oxygen, Hydrogen OEM- ODM, Food, Chemical Process, Processing, Utilities, Marine, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Automation, Industrial Equipment, Pulp & Paper, Pneumatic, Water Treatment, Hydronic and Systems for home security & building automation industries.
Q: Why cooperate with Enolgas USA?
A: We have unique position in the industry because we provide products directly from manufacturing facility to the consumer. We are large enough to be able to provide strong and competitive offering, however, small enough that we can react quickly to changes and requirements. You can also directly deal with real people from the executive and management without have to go through VOIP or machines.
Moreover:We are a niche manufacturer with very specific expertise; high quality products at competitive prices; 5 year warranty which meet or exceeds any warranty that is offered in the industry; customized inventory program to ensure customer demand; strategic partnerships with industry leaders; dedicated support available 24/7.
Q: What is the Enolgas USA approach to administrate business in another country?
A: Enolgas USA since its inception is dedicated to establish a profitable company with native and local stakeholder; respecting, learning and adapting to cultures, traditions and principles necessary to operate a business in another country.
Q: Which is the Enolgas USA Inc. progress principles?
A: Meritocracy! An elite group of people whose progress is based on ability and talent rather than on class privilege or wealth. Our legitimate group is optimistic with the correct balance of mental and physical health.
Q: What is Enolgas USA Vision Statement?
A: We strive to bring mutual benefits, providing products at the highest possible quality, which allow efficient performance at the most cost effective way. We also want to help people and enterprises succeed, with the energy & operational saving achieved from ours sustainable solutions raised from the synergy of technology.
Q: What is Enolgas USA Mission Statement?
A: Provide high quality products at competitive price. With excellent service and on time answers working proactively with ours partners. Create jobs. Aggregate ambitious people with lofty values.
Q: What are Enolgas USA’s Values?
Our Culture and Core Values are:
- We and our customers win together.
- Accountability, because we take liability for our actions. Outside with our business partner and inside the Enolgas USA to each other.
- Passion, we work hard because we simply love our job and this feeds our days.
- Professional, as we are engaged in a specified activity in the right way; literally.
- Integrity, honest with strong moral principles.
- Respect, we value ethical principles and behavior.
- Frugality, because we love the quality of being economical.
- Empathy, share feelings help tremendously to reach better understanding.
- Determination, once we acknowledge the goal, we proceed firmly doing whatever it legally takes.
Note: All core values are priceless and non-negotiable.