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Water Security System

Water Security System

Water Security and Water Security Systems
While water is a necessary resource for livelihood, it can also be problematic: either because of generalized water scarcity in certain regions, or because of unexpected water overflows. Studies published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicate that the in an average household, as a consequence of leaks, 10,000 gallons of water are currently wasted every year. This corresponds to washing 270 loads of laundry. Nationwide, leaks in a household amount to 1 trillion gallons per year, which is equivalent to the annual use of water in 11 million households. Furthermore, they specify that 10% of all households have leaks. These leaks amount to 90 gallons of water, or more, each day. Water Security System solutions are the answers to prevent problems related to water efficiency, water scarcity, water leaks and water seepage. Fortunately, human inventiveness, technology, and engineering provided the tools to take back control of water spillages that affect human lives to their detriment. Among them, are the various systems and control devices developed within the water industry.
A branch of Enolgas, a century-old Italian company, which established itself in the United States in 2008, developed a series of Water Security Systems. During the endeavor in the U.S. they worked to bring the same quality of systems that made them the most reliable company in the pipe valve and fitting industry worldwide. For a while now, they dedicated all their efforts on developing Water Security Systems, a form of water consumption measurement, leak detection and shut off solution for all water leaking-related inconveniences, such as water overflow caused by pipe clogs, excessive pressure in the water heater tank, pipe bursts, faucets left open, toilettes leaking, and other types of spillages or water waste. These systems purposefully will give peace of mind to you and to your loved ones, allowing you to save water, prevent damage, and save money. Water Security Systems help you protect your properties from damage caused by water, allowing you to save expensive objects and invaluable items.